Darktide Discord Bot - The Discord Bot For Warhammer 40,000 Darktide


Command Description
/blessing Get information on weapon blessings in Darktide
/builds Get builds for each Darktide class
/class Get information on the playable classes in Darktide
/enemy Get information about enemies in Darktide
/grimoires Get info about Grimoire locations
/missionboard View a list of currently available ingame missions
/missionsubscribe Get a notification when missions with specific criteria become available
/missionunsubscribe Unsubscribe from previously subscribed mission notifications
/weapon Get information on weapons in Darktide
/scriptures Get info about Scripture locations
/subscribe Subscribe to various news and update channels
/subscriptions View the subscriptions of the current channel
/unsubscribe Unsubscribe from news and update channels
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Subscribable News Channels

Channel Description
darktide-official-news Official Darktide news from Fatshark
darktide-gameslantern-news Darktide news and guides from Games Lantern
live-mission-board Get notifications when new missions are available in-game
twitter-darktide40k Tweets from @Darktide40K
twitter-darktidecomms Tweets from @DarktideComms

The Darktide Discord bot lets you use different commands to get and share information related to Darktide.