Darktide Weapon Perks - Complete List of all Perks

Weapon Perks

+1 Stamina
+1 Stamina (Weapon is Active)
+10-25% Damage (Carapace Armoured Enemies)
+10-25% Damage (Flak Armoured Enemies)
+10-25% Damage (Infested Enemies)
+10-25% Damage (Maniacs)
+10-25% Damage (Unarmoured Enemies)
+10-25% Damage (Unyielding Enemies)
+2-5% Melee Critical Hit Chance
+4-10% Increased Melee Damage (Specialists)
+4-10% Melee Critical Hit Damage
+4-10% Melee Damage (Elites)
+4-10% Melee Damage (Groaners, Poxwalkers)
+4-10% Melee Weak Spot Damage
+4-10% Ranged Critical Hit Damage
+4-10% Ranged Damage (Elites)
+4-10% Ranged Damage (Groaners, Poxwalkers)
+4-10% Ranged Damage (Specialists)
+4-10% Ranged Weak Spot Damage
+5-10% Reload Speed
+5-20% Block Efficiency
+5-20% Sprint Efficiency
2-5% Increased Attack Speed
Increase Ranged Critical Strike Chance by 2-5%

Welcome to the Weapon Perks Overview Page for Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. On this page you will find a list of all available Weapon Perks. Weapons can have zero to two Perks as well as zero to two Blessings (Traits).

Perks are modifiers that enhance your weapon to fight enemies in Darktide. Perks are randomly generated on weapons, it might take a while until you get a good roll on your weapon of choice.

Below you can see an example of a weapon with two Perks and two Blessings. The hammer has a 8% Melee Weak Spot Damage and 20% increased damage against Infested Enemies. However, the Perks aren't actually max level, because we know the Melee Weak Spot Damage can go up to 12% and the Damage against Infested Enemies can go up to 25%. 

On the other hand it is very rare that you get a weapon with all maxed out Perks or Traits. That is almost impossible to achieve, so overall the hammer actually has good Perks and Blessings.

Thunder Hammer Weapon Perks in Darktide
Thunder Hammer Weapon Perks in Darktide