Darktide Classes - Talents, Abilities, Passives for all Darktide Classes

Please select one of the four classes listed above. This here is the class overview page for the Warhammer 40,000: Darktide classes.

Darktide currently has four playable classes.

If there will be more classes or subclasses available, we will list them here in the future. 

Darktide Classes - Ogryn, Psyker, Veteran, Zealot
Darktide Classes - Ogryn, Psyker, Veteran, Zealot

Veteran Class Explained

The Veteran is capable of doing very high amounts of ranged damage to the more dangerous enemies among the ranks of the heretics - particularly elites, specials and bosses. The Veteran's Volley Fire ability gives you short bursts of even higher ranged damage, and also allows you to spot dangerous foes through cover.

Veteran Class in Darktide
Veteran Class in Darktide

The main purpose of this class is to deal with threats from a distance, before they can cause major problems for your team. The better you are at aiming, the more you'll get out of the Sharpshooter. If you generally enjoy gunplay, or are an avid player of first person shooters, then this class will probably be the most natural fit for you, and a great place to start your Darktide adventures. 

Don't worry, The Veteran is also effective in melee combat if you use the Power Sword that cuts through pretty much anything with its special activation ability.

Zealot Class Explained

While it has ranged capabilities of its own, the Zealot is more built for dishing out melee damage, being naturally proficient at clearing hordes of enemies. 

The Zealot boasts high mobility, can periodically resist lethal damage, and after some levels up gets an option to self-heal with its Chastise the Wicked class ability. All of this allows for a very aggressive melee playstyle, but there are a good selection of ranged weapons too. 

Zealot Class in Darktide
Zealot Class in Darktide

The Zealot really fits the bill of "hybrid combat" more naturally than any other class in Darktide, and if you are coming in as a Vermintide 2 veteran, there's a good chance that this class will feel the most familiar to you. 

Ogryn Class Explained

If you like using overwhelming brute force (and large amounts of explosives) to send enemies flying around in multiple directions, then you'll love the Ogryn.   

With huge brute strength and increased durability, the Ogryn is a natural melee frontline class, capable of staggering the vast majority of enemies in the game to help keep the team safe. He is also very good at saving the day in tough situations - his Bull Rush ability allows you to charge through enemies, either to get to an ally who is in need of help, or just to disrupt the enemy ranks or close the distance to dangerous gunners. Unlike other classes, the Ogryn can revive and assist friends without being interrupted by damage. 

Ogryn Class in Darktide
Ogryn Class in Darktide

While he absolutely dominates at close quarters, the main downsides of the Ogryn are his slow melee attacks and limited long range options. His huge size also makes him a bigger target for enemies and less able to hide behind cover, so you have to be a little more mindful of your positioning when playing as the Ogryn. 

Psyker Class Explained

The fourth and final class available in Darktide is the Psyker. The Psyker is the least durable class in terms of base health and toughness (shield), but in spite of this boasts huge versatility and can call on the powers of the Warp to deal huge amounts of damage to enemies, or to keep them stunned. 

Weapons like the Force Sword allow the Psyker to work pretty well as a melee heavy-hitter, and there are also an array of staves to choose from, each one channeling the warp to take down enemies in different ways - burning, electrocuting or exploding them to great effect. 

Psyker Class in Darktide
Psyker Class in Darktide

The Psyker's Brain Burst ability allows you to deal high bursts of damage to dangerous enemies, but it takes a while to charge up and you can't do much else while you are channeling it, so it takes a bit of practice to master. 

The Psyker has to be careful not to channel their powers too much - accumulating too much Peril has lethal consequences, so the Psyker must sometimes take breaks from using their powers and switch to more conventional means, or meditate to calm things down. This latter mechanic gives the Psyker player something extra to manage while playing, which can make it a little bit more challenging at first, but it also makes the class very engaging to play. 

As Psyker you always feel like you have something to bring to the table - you just need to take extra care because you're a little less sturdy than the other classes. If you played as Sienna in Vermintide 2, then the Psyker will feel quite familiar to you.