Darktide Enemy Types List Breakdown - An Enemies Compendium

Welcome to the Darktide Enemy Types List. On this page you will find information regarding all enemies that you can find in Darktide. The list has stats for Darktide Elites, Specialists, Horde and Monstrosities.

Darktide Enemies List
Darktide Enemies List

Horde Enemies in Darktide

Horde enemies are usually the most numerous enemy type in a game. The game will periodically spawn a large number of horde enemies to attack your party, from multiple directions if possible. It is wise to utilize chokepoints to defend against this more easily.

You can also find horde enemies stood around throughout levels in Darktide (ambient enemies) and they will attack you when you get close to them. 

Alone or in small groups they are no threat at all, but in large numbers or in combination with other enemy types they can be a greater problem.

The most common horde enemies are called Poxwalkers, armed only with a crude melee weapon. However on higher difficulties you will encounter significant numbers of more powerful horde enemies armed with laser guns, which can do a lot of damage in large numbers but are very weak to melee attacks. 

Darktide Poxwalker Hordes
Darktide Poxwalker Hordes

Specialist Enemies in Darktide

Specialized enemies, often referred to as "specials", are enemies that are programmed to behave in a certain unique way, with a goal of disrupting your party with methods such as disabling a party member (preventing them from moving or attacking until they are assisted by an ally), pinning you down or doing high damage with gunfire, or area denial. 

Specials aren't too dangerous on their own, but when there are multiple special enemies mixed in with a horde or a cluster of elite enemies, you can very quickly run into problems. Therefore it's generally a good idea for at least one player in a party to have their build focused on sniping specials.

Elite Enemies in Darktide

Elite enemies are predominately melee heavy-hitters. They are often heavily armored and difficult to take down, and on higher difficulties you are likely to encounter groups of them. They are more resistant to the effects of stagger than smaller enemies, so they can pose a problem if not dealt with quickly and effectively. The Psyker's brain burst ability is a very efficient way of countering elite enemies, as it bypasses their armor and can take them out in one or two hits, depending on difficulty.

Bosses in Darktide

Bosses are the most powerful enemy type in Darktide, and you will normally only encounter one or two in a level. Assassination missions will have a named boss at the end of the level whom you need to defeat in order to complete the level. 

While it's technically possible for very skilled players to take out a boss by themselves, there is little room for error and it's always a good idea to use teamwork to take them down.