Darktide Weapon Modifiers List - All Modifiers for each Weapon

Ammo Weapon's Ammo capacity.
Blast Damage Measure of the explosion Damage.
Blast Radius Measure of the explosion Radius.
Burn Strength of the Weapon's Damage over Time (DoT) effects.
Charge Rate How fast the Charge Attack charges.
Cleave Damage Damage delivered to additional Enemies Hit beyond the main target.
Cleave Targets The higher the Cleave, the more enemies hit in one swing.
Cloud Radius The Range and Size of the Flame. Affects how many enemies are hit and suppressed.
Collateral Increases the Weapon's Stagger, Impact and Suppression.
Critical Bonus Chance of landing a Critical Hit and how much damage it will do.
Crowd Control Increases a weapon's Stagger, Impact and Cleave.
Damage How much damage the weapon inflicts.
Defences Affects Stamina efficiency, as well as the length and speed of dashes.
Finesse Increases the Weapon's Attack Speed and grants bonus to Critical Hits and Weak Spot Hits.
First Target How much damage done to the first Enemy hit when hitting multiple enemies in one swing.
Melee Damage How much damage the weapon inflicts in melee.
Mobility Measure of Movement Speed, Sprint Speed, and Dodge distance bonus while the weapon is active.
Penetration Weapon's effectiveness against Armoured enemies.
Penetration (Blast) Explosion's effectiveness against Armoured enemies.
Power Output Damage inflicted by the powered up/activated attacks on Power Maul and similar power weapons.
Quell Speed Bonus to Quelling the wielder's Peril or Venting at the Weapon's Overcharge (as appropriate).
Range Effective Range of the weapon before Damage fall-off kicks in.
Reload Speed Measure of the time it takes to Reload.
Shredder Measure of a weapon's damage while its Special Action is active.
Stability Affects Recoil, Spread and Sway after firing the Weapon.
Stopping Power Measure of the Impact and Stagger inflicted on enemies.
Thermal Resistance Use of this weapon generates Heat. The higher the Thermal Resistance value, the less Heat is generated with each attack.
Warp Resistance Use of this weapon increases a Psyker's Peril. The higher the Warp Resistance, the less Peril is generated with each attack.

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