Zealot Class Overview in Darktide

Zealots are fanatically pious warriors, whose rage and fervor in the Emperor's name leads them to places those of lesser faith would fear to tread. You care not if you live or die, so long as the foe is vanquished in the God-Emperor's name. As a Zealot, your faith grows stronger as your body tires, empowering your attacks with holy wrath. Your strength comes not from fallible flesh, but from the rapture of righteous, violent triumph!

Base Stats

Health 200
Toughness 70
Restore on kill 5%
Regeneration Delay 3s
Damage Sprinting 0.5x
Damage Sliding 0.5x
Damage Dodging 0.5x
Sprint Speed 5.2
Critical Chance 5%
Stamina 3
Regeneration 1.5/s
Regeneration Delay 0.75s
Depleted Sprint Modifier 0.75x


Unique Weapons

Other usable Weapons

The Zealot Class in Darktide

“What I cannot rouse by example, I’ll instill through spilt blood. For is it not said that if ten thousand feckless souls burn in the flames of perdition to awaken the fervor of one righteous man, then the Emperor rejoices? Aye, it is. And with good reason, for life without faith is mere existence beneath the all-consuming shadow of heresy, without so much as a candle to hold that darkness at bay. It is the fate of some to pass from this life as mere kindling, whereas mine is to light the flame. And I see that I am needed in this place, at this hour.”

Zealots are unyielding in their faith and dedicated to lifelong service to the Emperor of Mankind – whom they hold to be not only the ruler of the galaxy-spanning Imperium, but a living god who guides and protects humanity. 

Fuelled by an unyielding desire to serve their Master, these holy warriors fight in the thick of the foe, smiting the heretical foe with thunder hammers, chain axes, and power mauls.

Zealots with Flamer in Darktide
Zealots with Flamer in Darktide

The Holy Warrior

Zealots heed only the word of the God-Emperor, be it delivered through scripture, sermon or prayer. They care little for mortal laws, and disdain those who offer anything less than complete devotion to their divine master. They are unsullied champions in a galaxy seething with corruption, commanded to purge the heretic, the apostate and the mutant.

Accordingly, Zealots make for effective team mates, if not companionable ones. Ever alert for the taint of heresy, they judge their allies by their own high standards, and invariably find them worthy of rebuke, chastisement … or outright threat.

Ogryns, they deride as easily led simpletons and Psykers as freaks forever teetering on the brink of heresy and madness (not necessarily without reason). Veterans might find themselves spared a tongue-lashing … at least, so long as they prove themselves faithful and determined. Only a fellow Zealot can be expected to understand the weight of one’s burdens and, more importantly, can be trusted to remain righteous and unswerving in the face of the enemy.

Zealot Class

Zealots yearn for the release of death and arrival before the Golden Throne. Alas, it seems the Emperor yet has need of them in the mortal world and so they fight on, blows emboldened by pious rage as their lifeforce ebbs, and fury heightened by the knowledge that each scrap of pain brings them closer to reward.

Zealots care not if they live or die, so long as the foe is vanquished. Their faith hardens as they suffer injury, empowering attacks with holy wrath and strengthening their will to fight on!

Zealot Gear Progression in Darktide
Zealot Gear Progression in Darktide

Purging Heretics with the Zealot in Darktide

With their passive effect of increased melee attack speed, these unyielding fanatics opt for a more practical, close-quarters confrontation as opposed to fighting at a distance. The Zealot’s affinity for close-range combat is also reflected in their starting loadout, which is an Autopistol and a Combat Axe.

Players who prefer a more aggressive, in-your-face type of playstyle may find the Zealot to be a good fit. It is important that you learn how and when to quickly switch between ranged and melee combat, since the flow of combat can be particularly hectic when you actively put yourself in the thick of it.

When the team finds itself overwhelmed, the Zealots class ability sends them charging into the thick of the fray, rushing their chosen target and quickly locking them in melee. It may also be particularly useful in times when they need to swiftly move out of harm's way or reach an ally in need.

In short, as a Zealot you’ll do well against swathes of enemies as well as deal significant damage to sturdier, more armored enemies. It is crucial however to keep an eye on your health - the lower the health, the greater the damage... But if you reach zero health you will, unfortunately, die (most of the time).

Frequently Asked Questions

Which weapons are unique to the Zealot in Darktide?

Crusher, Flamers, Thunder Hammer, Sword (Heavy) and Eviscerator weapons are unique to the Zealot.