Ogryn Class Overview in Darktide

Ogryns are massive, powerful abhumans, often used as shock troops for the Astra Militarum. They are strong and loyal, but have limited intelligence. Subtlety isn't in a Ogryn's limited vocabulary. You prefer to rush headlong into the fray, pounding your chosen target into the ground, while relying on your innate physical toughness to brush aside the inevitable counter-attack.

Base Stats

Health 300
Toughness 50
Restore on kill 5%
Regeneration Delay 3s
Damage Sprinting 1x
Damage Sliding 1x
Damage Dodging 1x
Sprint Speed 5
Critical Chance 2.5%
Stamina 4
Regeneration 1/s
Regeneration Delay 1s
Depleted Sprint Modifier 0.75x


Unique Weapons

The Ogryn Class in Darktide

"If you want to win, you send for the biggest, meanest, and angriest you’ve got. That’s me. Not these runts. They can’t hold a proper gun. Can’t hold a proper knife. Scream in pain all the time. Or just because it’s fun. Or because they’re bored. Idiots. Not good enough. Not gonna win. Not without me. Everyone agrees. Everyone I talk to, anyways. And people like talking to me. If they know what’s good for them. Not polite to ignore me, now is it?"

Ogryns are abhumans, a subspecies of humanity deemed useful enough to protect it from the sanction of purgation. Stronger and tougher than ordinary humans, Ogryns excel at work that requires extra muscle or indifference to pain and often serve as laborers, manufactorum workers … or, in the Astra Militarum, shock troops, and bodyguards, using their brawny bodies to shield their comrades and immense strength to smash their enemies.

To date, only male Ogryns have been seen on the battlefields of the Moebian Domain. If an inquisitive soul is brave (or stupid) enough to inquire an Ogryn about such matters, it’s a toss-up whether they’d get an annoyed low rumble in response, or an over-sized fist to the face. They are (mostly) loyal, and slow-witted, thriving on simple, direct commands. Anything nuanced is likely to be ignored, or boiled down to a brief, joyful act of violence …  Ogryn Su

Ogryn Class in Darktide
Ogryn Class in Darktide

The Ogryn Keeps You Safe in Darktide

Being bigger than everyone, most Ogryns see themselves as being better … which isn’t always the case. They value strength above all else and thrive in situations where their straightforward approach to life (fetch, carry, shoot, smash) is likely to earn praise, reward, or food from their teammates and superiors.

Ogryns particularly admire Veterans, who they dimly recognize as proper soldiers and people to impress. They’re less keen on Zealots, who are often loud enough to be Ogryns themselves but are generally speaking too squishy to be respected. As for Psykers? Ogryns don’t know what to make of those Spark ‘Eads. Sure, they seem nice enough, but the air’s always all tingly around them, and sometimes they explode (and Ogryns only like things to explode after they’ve been shot – preferably by an Ogryn, BOOM!).

Better to keep Spark ‘Eads at a distance, yes?

Ogryn Class Gear Progression in Darktide
Ogryn Class Gear Progression in Darktide

Ogryn Class

An Ogryn leans into the Ogryn’s foremost attribute: its prodigious strength. He loves nothing more than to charge into the thick of the fighting, shouldering aside any “punies” that get in his path to deliver punishing, shattering blows against his chosen target. Often while laughing as the tiny, tiny foes tire themselves out flailing at him in return.

It’s not subtle, but it’s definitely effective.

More importantly, it’s fun. Ogryns like having fun.

Large and brutally strong, what ogryns lack in wit and strategic ability, they make up with sheer strength. Slow but reliable, their immense toughness grants them great survivability, serving well to take the brunt force of their enemies' assault in the place of their comrades.

The Ogryn charges headfirst into danger, excelling in melee combat against particularly tough and armored foes. When you play as the Ogryn be ready to always be in the very center of attention - if not for always being the first in the thick of battle, then certainly for your size. Take care not to block your comrades line of sight, lest you long to perish alongside the masses of enemies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which weapons are unique to the Ogryn in Darktide?

Kickback, Club, Ripper Gun, Heavy Stubber, Slab Shield, Grenadier Gauntlet, Latrine Shovel, Power Maul and Cleaver weapons are unique to the Ogryn.